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NFA Class II Firearms & Transfers 

R&R Sports is now selling NFA Class III Firearms including Suppressors - SBR's (Short Barrel Rifle) & SBS (Short Barrel Shotgun)

Purchase the NFA item from R&R Sports & there are no Transfer Fee's.

Transfer Fees for purchases not from R&R Sports
1. Form 1 - $25 Per Form
2. Form 4 - $100 Per Form (For Trusts - $5 Per additional Responsible Person)

The ATF forms usually used in dealing with these weapons are

1) ATF Form 1 – Maker Form – used by non manufactures to make NFA weapons – for civilians, only Short Barrel Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, Silencers and AOWs can still be made (after May 1986).  The ‘one time’ tax stamp for this form is $200.  Maker will received an approved form back from ATF and he/she can then make the item in question. Once made, if transfer of ownership is ever needed, this would be facilitated on a Form 4 below.

2) ATF Form 2 – Manufacturer Registration Form – used by manufacturers only.

3) ATF Form 3 – Dealer to Dealer tax-free form.  Any SOT can transfer to any other SOT tax free NFA weapons he/she has in their possession/ownership.  This is usually done when someone buys an item and it is transferred from a dealer in one state to a dealer in the buyer’s state to facilitate the approval/filing process.

4) ATF Form 4 – Tax paid to/from individual form – used when a NFA item is transferred TO or FROM an individual.  Even if the individual transfers the said item to a SOT holder/dealer, there still is a $200 transfer tax.  Once the SOT has it, they can transfer it back out to another SOT holder tax free (Form 3) or directly to another individual in their state on a tax paid (Form 4).

5) ATF Form 5 – Used to transfer NFA items to police departments for official use – tax fee transfer.  Dealer use only.

6) ATF Form 5320 – Used in the Interstate Transportation of all Title II firearms. If you are traveling between states, you WILL need to fill this form out a few weeks in advance.
NFA weapons must remain in the possession of the registered owner so short of just a few exceptions; you may not permit anyone to have possession of your weapon without you being in immediate presence.