Glock 23 GEN5 For Sale in Tampa

Glock 23 GEN5 For Sale In Tampa
Glock 23 GEN5 For Sale In Tampa

Glock 23 GEN5

The Glock 23 GEN5 is a compact, versatile handgun chambered in .40 S&W. It features a 4.02-inch barrel, front serrations, and the latest advancements in Glock's renowned design. This model is ideal for both personal defense and professional use. To learn more and purchase, visit the product page Glock 23 GEN5.

Glock 23 GEN5 MOS

The Glock 23 GEN5 MOS is the Modular Optic System version of the popular Glock 23. It includes all the features of the GEN5 model, with the added benefit of an optic-ready slide. This allows for the easy installation of a red dot sight, enhancing target acquisition and accuracy. For more details and to purchase, visit the product page Glock 23 GEN5 MOS.

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